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Road to Joshua Tree

Sharon Williams


Behind the Shot

Step into the fantasyland of Joshua Tree National Park, named for the region’s spiky, picturesque yucca trees. The park’s otherworldly rocks and foliage are part of a vast protected area in southern California. 

Joshua Tree is characterized by rugged stone formations and stark desert landscapes—epitomizing resilience and survival. Sculpted by strong winds and flash floods, this land rewards visitors with scenic drives, magical sunsets, hiking trails and world-famous rock climbing.

This print conveys exploration, dirt roads and sunsets—a few of artist Sharon Williams’ favorite things. “Joshua Tree is located just a couple of hours away from us. I took my son there early one spring. It wasn’t hot, but the sunsets were on fire. We went into the park each afternoon, scrabbled on some rocks and waited for the sun to set. On this particular day, as I was exploring some dirt roads, the sky started to turn pink and the composition along this drive was stunning. I had to stop, get out and capture it so I could remember this scene forever.”

Sharon and her son see the park’s eccentric rocks and trees as gentle giants with personalities all their own. “It’s their world, and we are just tiny things exploring it,” she says. “Looking at this image, I get a longing to go back and experience the adventure and escape that Joshua Tree provides.”