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Pierson X


Behind the Shot

There are only seven “master trackers'' in the entire world– and three of them are in Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves. As the name suggests, master trackers track wildlife on foot through the African bush and are the most skilled and knowledgeable people on Earth when it comes to wildlife. 

After six hours following a master tracker on foot, photographer Pierson Oglesby finally caught up to the leopard they had been searching for. He approached it and stood only about 10 feet away while he photographed it. The image showcases the intricate detail of the leopard's coat: all of its unique spots up close and personal. “It was the coolest animal I’ve ever seen,” Pierson says. 

“A leopard can’t change its spots,” as the saying goes. That may be true, but look at that pattern! Why would they want to?