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Saint Michel

Lindsey Grace Whiddon


Behind the Shot

“Being a woman doesn’t have to mean anything specific,” says photographer Lindsey Grace Whiddon. Growing up, she would get frustrated with the clear lines between girls and boys. “It was so engrained because it was what we were taught. I was always frustrated by that as a kid.”

Then Lindsey met Kelly, who is still one of her best friends. “Meeting her made me feel proud to be a girl,” she says. This print is named after Kelly, whose middle name is Michelle. Kelly was so many different things—things that were traditionally “girlie” and things that weren’t. It taught Lindsey that “you don’t have to choose between girl things and boy things. That mixture and that edge make you even more interesting.”

Meeting Kelly made Lindsey realize that all she needed was her “right tribe.” This print is dedicated to that tribe and the raw power of femininity.