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Sandbar Sessions

Seth Willingham


Behind the Shot

This shot serves as a reminder of the saying, "if you don't go, you can't score." Seth Willingham and his fellow photographers embarked on a boat expedition to explore the waters surrounding Florida's North Captiva Island, on a quest to capture stunning scenery. Throughout the day, they traversed from one island to another, tirelessly seeking the perfect combination of location and lighting. It was during this pursuit that they discovered an astonishing sandbar littered with an abundance of seashells.

The artist's intention was to convey the tropical beauty of the sandbar, and for this purpose, they utilized a drone to capture the expansive scale of the formation. Willingham reflects on the allure of offshore sandbars, highlighting their enchanting nature as they continuously transform, saying, “There is something magical about the way they continue to change with the eb and flow of the tides. I think that this image has the power to transport viewers to a paradise, providing a much-needed escape. The sheer beauty of the tropical scene evokes an undeniable sense of joy and happiness.”