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Ryan’s road to success took an interesting and unexpected turn early on. ”When I moved from Bishop to Orange County, I didn’t immediately latch on to surf culture. I didn't feel like I belonged there. But I kind of found my place when I started posting images on Instagram with the tag #saturwave.

“I would post a picture of a wave with the caption ‘Happy #saturwave,’ and it was something that I would do every week. Whenever you are consistent on social media, things can take off and can become what you are known for. Taking pictures of a wave became something I was known for and something that really landed with people. Even though I wasn’t super inspired by it to begin with, I began to see how people really enjoyed it. It was cool to see how my personality showed through in the photographs in a unique way.

“Ultimately it was something that found me rather than me finding it. Taking these pictures of waves became something that I did. I love the way the light is playing off the water that’s spraying up. I love the warm light on the mist. Those details are things I’m really drawn to. I try to find the best spots on the pier to find the best textures. I really love the ocean, not just as a surfer, but as a photographer. Through that I’ve developed lots of cool friendships and relationships with the surf culture around here.”

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Ryan Longnecker


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