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Secret Pool

Nicole Mason


Behind the Shot

In this image, the lovely Trinity walks along the edge of a manmade pool adjacent to a Southern California beach. Juxtaposed with the jagged edges and natural rock formations found along this coast, the pool filled with ocean water is an unexpected mystery.

“I love the blending of natural and human-made design,” says photographer Nicole Mason, who captured this photo of her friend in the spring of 2023. “This caught my eye because of the unusual location, the architectural lines of the stairs, the natural coastline and its forms in the background—plus a person in the midst of it all for scale.”

With Nicole’s passion for shooting outdoors and featuring natural elements, this unique spin on a traditional swimming pool commanded her attention. She was inspired by old images of vintage swimwear and pools, so when she came across this location, she grabbed her camera. While the spot was crowded with beachgoers that day, Nicole and Trinity were able to procure this moment where no one else was in the frame.

“This shot is peaceful and dreamy to me,” Nicole says, “and that’s the magic of a photograph.”