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Sepulveda Pass

Claudio Santini


Behind the Shot

High above the cacophony of Los Angeles roadways, Claudio Santini leaned out of a helicopter and captured this shot of the 405 Freeway at Sepulveda Pass. “The freeway system in Los Angeles is unique in the world and fascinates me with its graphic appearance and its symbolic value in terms of human connections,” he says.

Indeed, roads help us make connections in life—literally and figuratively. You’d have a hard time getting around L.A. without using the freeways. The hundreds of miles of winding interstate spanning the regions of L.A. are a cultural touchstone of the area. “It is one of the most powerful visual axes of Los Angeles urban texture,” Claudio shares.

Through the process of creating abstract digital collages from his photos, Claudio minimally represents the subjects—-celebrating the art of geometry and engineering and also acknowledging the metaphors of daily life. “The perennial car flow of the freeway expresses the sometimes undesirable speed of our lives,” he says.

The city’s unique brand of driving is often intense, rushed, aggressive—and perhaps our days are sometimes equally hectic. This art print invites you in, suggests that you slow down a bit in contradiction to the gridlock and reckless driving the highways are known for. It truly delivers the majestic, progressive vibe of the City of Angels. “I’m inspired by the urban texture of this city and interested in anything that evokes its identity,” the artist says.