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Skiing Breckenridge

Taylor Stephens


Behind the Shot

At the base of the Rocky Mountains’ Tenmile Range in Colorado sits the resort town of Breckenridge. Settled originally to support miners during the Pikes Peak gold rush of 1859, Breckenridge survived the ups and downs of gold prospecting to become a year-round destination for outdoor adventurers. Since opening its first ski trails in 1961, Breckenridge has grown to become one of the most popular ski destinations in the United States.

Taylor visited One Ski Hill Place Lodge, located at the base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge, to try skiing for the first time. “I had never skied before, and by the end of that first day, I was hooked. Skiing is now my number one favorite activity.

“I wanted to capture the essence of my experience on that first day in this photograph. I chose the angle and the composition because I wanted to capture all the activity on the hill—the amount of people on the hill, and all the loud, colorful outfits. There’s so much to see in this shot. It’s sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” image. There are so many stories being told here, from the people coming down the hill at the top to the instructors at the bottom helping people learn on their first time out. The individuals are distinct, but anonymous. The human shapes become abstract and patterns begin to appear.”