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Sunday Service

Quentin Pradal


Behind the Shot

Photographer Quentin Pradal was exploring South Congress in Austin, Texas, when he took this shot of The Church on Congress Avenue, which was built in 1966. “The SoCo district is known for its fabulous restaurants, chic boutiques, funky vintage shops, cool bars and live music—I wasn’t expecting to see a church there!” As it turns out, Austin is one of the most religious cities in the country, with more than 800 churches and other places of worship.

“What caught my eye was the building’s perfect triangular prism shape, which I had never seen before in a church. I took pictures from all possible angles—I squatted, stood up, walked on the Avenue in between red lights … I am pretty sure a few bystanders were wondering why I was so obsessed with this building!”

 Quentin eventually chose to combine the “rule of thirds” technique with black and white to add contrast and lead the viewer’s eye toward the peaked roof touching the bright sky.

“That’s one thing I love about photography. I love how perception and unique angles can transform ordinary things into extraordinary experiences,” Quentin says.