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Sunset in Utah

Pierson X


Behind the Shot

This shot looks like it could be another planet or a still from a sci-fi film. But as hard as it may be to believe, it was taken right here on Earth. 

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful and unique rock formations in the world. When photographer Pierson visited, he knew the rocks would make a perfect addition to his Texture Series of photographs. The series was born from Pierson’s inspiration to capture close-up images of different textures found in nature. These images show just how astounding the earth can be. 

This shot of an orange glow over the base of a rock formation was taken with his drone. He flew it to capture a bird’s-eye view of the rock’s unique texture. “I ended up going through four drone batteries because I couldn’t get enough,” he says. Can you blame him? This print is a wonderful reminder of how much our planet has to offer.