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Temple of the Blue Moon

Justin Kauffman


Behind the Shot

About 25 miles east of Seattle, Washington, at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Raging Rivers, is the town of Fall City. The U.S.Army built two forts in the area during the Puget Sound Warof 1855-56, along with a trading post and civilian housing. By 1872, Fall City had a post office and was becoming a center for trade and industry as steamboats ferried supplies to the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway.

In the early 1910s, the Sunset Highway was completed, and Seattle was connected with eastern Washington through towns including Fall City. By the 1920s, Fall City was a tourist destination as well as a commuter town for people who worked in Issaquah and Seattle. Today, Fall City is a suburb of the Seattle metropolitan area, and is still a popular tourist getaway.

One of the big draws to Fall City, in addition to the breathtaking Snoqualimie Falls made famous in the David Lynch series Twin Peaks, is TreeHouse Point, a secluded treehouse bed and breakfast. Several unique treehouse rooms, along with a lodge and event space, were built into the trees by property owner Pete Nelson and his wife, Judy.

Justin visited the location in February 2020. “We were here for a friend’s wedding. I didn’t know what we were getting into, except that it was supposed to be amazing. I got to stay in the Temple of the Blue Moon, the first of the treehouses built here. They are all different, all hand-built. This is about 10or 15 feet off the ground, it’s really cool.”