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Tennis Lines

Gaby Zuppetta


Behind the Shot

Tennis great Billie Jean King said that when you hit a flawless shot, “it feels like mind, body and soul are integrated for a perfect moment.”

Photographer Gaby Zuppetta was walking the streets and alleys of Ischia—an island where she lives in the Gulf of Naples, Italy—when she discovered this clay tennis court where opponents meet to compete. She aced it with this photograph that symbolizes one of life’s common dichotomies.

“The tennis court reminds me of how life can be challenging—but after a match, it can also be still,” she shares. “It doesn’t matter if you win or you lose; you’re here because you enjoy the competition.”

In this image, Gaby combines the subject, her inspiration and several visual elements to capture her own tennis metaphor. The warm, sienna clay reflects the quietude life often provides—even in the midst of chaos or challenge. Displaying this shot in your favorite room; it’s sure to be a grand slam.