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Nick Bondarev


Behind the Shot

Photographer Nick Bondarev was sipping his morning coffee in the remote wilderness of Greenland when he looked up and saw this perfect framing of the schooner Opal. He quickly replaced the coffee mug in his hand with his trusty camera and captured this stunning scene.

Nick was a passenger on one of two classic schooners that had sailed more than 500 miles from Iceland. He took this photo as the group encountered King Oscar Fjord—cutting into the island’s eastern coast with breathtaking shorelines of rugged mountains, looming glaciers and Arctic wildlife.

With the sparsest population of any country, Greenland is a vast expanse of dramatic landscapes that are simultaneously savage and seductive. Nick has traveled to Greenland many times, but this nine-day trip around King Oscar Fjord was unparalleled. “This shot is timeless, with the schooner juxtaposed with the mountain. So I pressed the button,” he says, sharing his appreciation of the Opal. Built of oak in Germany in 1951, the vessel underwent an eight-year restoration in the 1970s and has sailed all over the world.

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