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Top of the Rock

Wesley & Emma Teague


Behind the Shot

The Million Dollar Highway in southwest Colorado near Ouray, surrounded by massive mountains, is often called the Switzerland of America. According to photographers Wesley and Emma Teague, who have been to both, it’s an apt comparison. The duo loves capturing beautiful landscapes, and their favorite place to visit is Colorado. But they were disappointed when during the week of one visit, they could hardly see the peaks through clouds of fog.

But in a stroke of luck toward the end of their trip, the sky cleared while they were taking a “John Denver-esque” road trip through the Colorado Rockies. It was as if the clouds opened, and they could suddenly see the mountains and a sky that was “as blue as could be.”

The result of their good fortune is this beautiful shot of a towering, majestic mountain. This print is both a stunning piece of art and can be seen as a good omen. You never know when the sky will open up right in front of you.