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Zachary Moxley


Behind the Shot

Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park is located about 300 miles northwest of Vancouver. The park is named after the 15th Governor General of Canada, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, otherwise known as John Buchan. Buchan traveled the region by float aircraft and horseback in August of 1937, and was inspired to write, “I have now travelled over most of Canada and have seen many wonderful things, but I have seen nothing more beautiful and more wonderful than the great park which British Columbia has done me the honour to call by my name.”

Zachary was taken by the beauty of the park, and looked for the best angle to capture the density of the forest. “I sent my drone up with a wide-angle lens. I wanted to be above the trees, but use the exaggerated look of the wide-angle lens to show the trees in a unique way. With the angle, the trees look like a blooming flower. I flew around to find the best composition and right combination of trees and density. It took awhile, but I found the perfect composition.”