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Tropical Flow State

Jeff Honea


Behind the Shot

After a long day of filming and photographing in Pensacola, Florida, Jeff and his team ventured out to the Gulf Coast in search of beach scenes and magical light. The location generously offered a variety of subjects and angles, while the conditions continued to change as the sun slid to the west and the breeze shifted and calmed. As the tide dropped, one particular feature caught Jeff's attention: a ridge in the sand at the water's edge had created a shelf where a thin layer of water would pause before sliding back down and returning to the sea. Sensing the opportunity to create something special, Jeff framed a low-angle composition and timed the incoming waves with the outgoing out-running water to capture a series of moments that conveyed the tranquility he was feeling.

Reflecting on that experience, Jeff says, "The entire scene exuded pure peacefulness, and being fully focused on how the water was moving and how the light and colors were subtly shifting was both calming and powerful. That's what the photo is about—being in that flow state."