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Waikiki Pool

Kelsey Williamson


Behind the Shot

Sometimes magic happens unintentionally. When photographer Kelsey Williamson flew her drone above Waikiki, she didn’t expect to capture this image of perfectly still, crystal blue water. She’d been living in Hawaii for eight years, but never flew her drone over Waikiki. While shooting a friend paddling out, she decided she may as well take some shots of the scenery while she was at it. 

When Kelsey looked at her drone shots, she was struck by how calm the water was. “You would never guess this was Waikiki, or that the water was the ocean. The way the light hit the water made it look like a pool.”

Luckily, this stunning print can bring a bit of that perfect Waikiki day to us all. The simplicity of the sun reflecting on the water transports us to warmer days, no matter the time of year. “I should fly my drone more often in Waikiki.” We agree.