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Wake & Surf

Kenrick Mills


Behind the Shot

Jupiter, Florida, is a charming surf town in South Florida where people can enjoy the beach, the ocean, and some of the region's most spectacular sunrises. Local photographer Kenrick Mills knows this as well as anyone. Constantly seeking to capture the beauty of the day's beginning, he regularly makes a point of being on the beach well before sunrise. Being in that pre-dawn, oceanside environment enables Kenrick to tune in to the artistic opportunities as the morning sky brightens and the scene unfolds around him.

Color is a defining characteristic of Kenrick's work, and on this particular morning, the colors in the air and on the water were especially striking. Kenrick decided to employ a technique that would express what he saw. He combined a long exposure setting with a slight camera movement to create a subtle motion blur effect, resulting in a spectacular image. The photographer's creative expression of the scene's colors and rhythms compels the viewer to pause and immerse themselves, much like the artist has.

“I still love this shot,” says Kenrick. “It's a colorful piece that you can't take your eye away from. I really enjoy the color palette as well!