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White Sand Wonderland

Wesley & Emma Teague


Behind the Shot

The magic of Florida’s white sand beaches doesn’t end at dusk. In fact, that’s when these sugar-soft sands take on new beauty, as they reflect the cotton candy-colored sky at sunset. With the sky and sand illuminated in soft shades of pink, coral, and lavender, the beach takes on an otherworldly vibe—especially at Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida, where photographers Wesley and Emma Teague captured this stunning vista. “There’s nothing quite like a sunset on one of the Gulf’s white-sand beaches,” they note. “The sand takes on the pink and purple hues of the sky and it’s a pastel dream.” 

And for beach lovers, this image is what dreams are made of. Here, on the longest stretch of federally protected seashore in the United States, the photographers documented a moment of quiet beauty, with the Gulf’s gently cresting waves and the windswept dunes creating a sense of comfort and solitude. Listen hard enough and you can almost hear the soft rush of the tide as it caresses the sandy shoreline before receding. Perfect above a bed or in a living room, this print instantly transports you to one of the country’s most beautiful beaches—the only thing missing is sand between your toes.