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Young Tule Elk Under the Moon

Skyler Greene


Behind the Shot

The tule elk is a subspecies of elk found only in California, with the largest herd residing in West Marin. But sadly, the native population of these majestic elk is dwindling due to farmland encroaching on their preserve, robbing them of resources.

Photographer Skyler Greene is passionate about his home state of California and preserving the planet, along with all of its wildlife. Highlighting the tule elk was for him, a “perfect alignment of those two interests.”

It is much more common to see quite large elk bucks, rather than the young one in this image. Greene was struck by the “dreamy, ethereal vibe” given off from the buck standing alone under the waxing moon. This young buck on the coast of Point Reyes is living on the same earth and under the same moon as us, and Greene hopes this print will be a reminder that all living beings deserve our respect.